A new year is upon us. And if you’re looking to hire more employees, serve more patients, and boost profits, you’re not alone. In this blog from CareConnect, we’ll take a look at five simple ways you can set your home care agency up for success. Join us, learn more, and start the year off on the right foot.

Make Sure You’re in Compliance with All Applicable Regulations

It may be obvious, but compliance with federal, state, and local regulations helps you avoid fees, fines, and audits, and makes things run smoothly at your home care agency. So as this year begins, it’s a good idea to take some time to review all applicable policies, and verify your compliance in the New Year.

This is especially true since many policies change year-to-year. Legislation passed in 2022 or earlier, for example, could begin in 2023 – and if you’re not aware of this, you could accidentally end up violating certain regulations. Because of this, it’s a good idea to review your regulatory compliance yearly, or whenever any regulatory changes take effect.

Streamline the Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Process

If you’re looking to hire more workers, using a streamlined recruiting and applicant tracking system can help you save time and money – and ensure that you recruit the skilled, caring, trustworthy workers you need for your home care agency. 

If you’re looking for a little bit more assistance with recruiting home care aides, CareConnect can help. We offer Recruiting as a Service (RaaS), which can help your team enjoy a more hands-off approach to recruiting and hiring caregivers. 

With our enterprise-level marketing tools, we have access to 10,000+ job boards. And with simple hiring and onboarding workflows for new hires, RaaS from CareConnect makes it easy to recruit skilled caregivers that will put you ahead of the competition.

Create Goals for Your Business, and Measure Progress to Stay on Track

You can’t know where you are – or where you’re going – unless you have a proper roadmap. That’s why it’s important to create goals for your business, and to use data-driven systems to track your performance in 2023 and beyond.

By creating measurable, achievable goals for your business and using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to show how you’re doing, you can get a better idea of your business’s overall performance. KPIs may vary depending on your goals, but could include overall profitability, new hires, new patient acquisitions, higher satisfaction rates on surveys, and more.

Assess Your Cash Flow and Stay on Top of Payments

Accounting at a home care agency is complex. But keeping a closer eye on payments from state and federal agencies, individuals, and insurers is important for ensuring strong cash flow and good overall business health.

Understanding your home care agency’s overall financial health helps you get a better idea of when you can grow your business by hiring more workers or administrators, investing in new software, opening new locations or operating in new regions, and so on. 

It can also help you avoid audits and other regulatory issues – for example, spotting accidental overpayments from Medicaid and taking appropriate action could help you avoid hefty fines and other penalties.

Invest in Technology that Improves Your Business Processes

This is the year to invest in technology that makes your life easier, such as CareConnect.

Features like Shift Booking help your shift schedulers fill shifts more easily, training tools help train new workers, onboarding tools help you onboard workers more quickly, and HR compliance tools help you track compliance.

We’re also proud to introduce our new Scheduling as a Service offering. With Scheduling as a Service, you can outsource shift scheduling to a team of experts at CareConnect. Our experienced, multilingual coordinators can help you achieve higher shift fill rates and better shift matches.

The result is increased revenue, lower overall costs for your business, and improved satisfaction for your supervisors, since they can focus more on administration and strategy, rather than trying to fill, switch, and manage shifts among home care aides.

Work With CareConnect – Set Your Agency Up For Success This Year!

We hope these tips have helped you plan for the upcoming year. With CareConnect, it’s easier to meet your business goals. If you’re interested in our software or our new Recruiting Services and Scheduling Services, please get in touch with CareConnect today. We’d be happy to schedule a meeting, and show you how we can help your home care agency thrive.