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Generate Value. Fast.

For Agencies

AI-Powered Shift Management
= Transformational Value

CareConnect’s suite of solutions provides home care agencies with the tools to efficiently streamline workflows, increase referrals, reduce cost penalties, and improve caregiver engagement – all in one place.

For Caregivers

We’re not an agency – we support our agencies’ community of Caregivers.

CareConnect aims to be a reliable partner, supporting agencies and caregivers in delivering better care at home.

Who is CareConnect?

CareConnect is an AI-powered caregiver workflow optimization platform that delivers a fresh, connected experience, so Agencies can onboard, train, retain, and grow through reduced costs, increased revenue, and by providing the best care possible.

For Agencies

Fill more shifts and reduce overtime by finding the best shift match at the lowest cost-per-hire.

For Caregivers

Work more with just the right shifts, stay ready to work, and stay connected to agencies you work with.

Powerhouse AI technology delivers real-time-value in the places you need it most.




A better way of working that recognizes the importance of what you do.

Our Services

Areas of Expertise

CareConnect helps agencies realize ROI at a fraction of the cost by increasing fill rates and reducing overtime through the power of ShiftMatch.AI, recruiting services, and scheduling services.

Shift Booking &

We use powerful AI technology to understand Caregiver/Coordinator behavior. ShiftMatch.AI evolves the experience as the system learns behaviors and matches Caregivers most likely to accept specific shifts and match patients’ needs.



Scheduling Services allow home care agencies to access more effective scheduling resources, reduce cost penalties, and overtime pay. Our experienced, multilingual coordinators fill shifts quickly to ensure the best matches, all without the need to hire additional staff.


Leverage the power of our recruiting pros. Our Recruiting Services help increase referrals and engagement and decrease costs. CareConnect’s internal recruiting team simplifies the process, qualifies candidates, reviews documents, saving agencies time and money on recruitment duties.

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Home Care Agencies of all sizes depend on CareConnect to automate manual processes, integrate existing tools and resources, enable real-time communication, and streamline HR management.

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