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Collect COVID-19 exposure information from your Caregivers now. Follow CMS guidance and keep your Caregivers safe.

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Modern HR Software for Home Care

Develop your Caregiver human capital & optimize utilization

Onboard Your Workforce

Use CareConnect to automatically check every caregiver's work eligibility, health screenings, and training credentials. Reduce manual data entry, cross site lookups, and human error. Onboard and place new hires on cases 25% faster.

Optimize Your Workforce

Use CareConnect to target, broadcast, and book shifts to pre-qualified, compliant Caregivers while avoiding OT, travel time and other costs. Improve case distribution and increase your coordinator case load by up to 40%.

Train & Manage Your Workforce

Use CareConnect to manage caregiver files, preferences, work refusals, and compliance information. Assign eLearning modules to fulfill in-service requirements and build skills. Use the self-service Caregiver App to automate reminders and increase your ready-to-work caregiver pool by up to 20%.

Securely Communicate with Your Workforce

Remain HIPAA compliant and securely broadcast group messages, initiate on-demand live-chats with any caregiver, and log all communication history. Eliminate costly phone time and risky, non-secure text-based communications. Enable a collaborative, high-performing, and responsive culture.

CareConnect provides API's for integration with your existing EMR or Agency Management software

Features & Advantages

Elevate above your competition

Delightful in the Office

Onboarding & Compliance

CareConnect's "best-of-breed" user experience and product integration approach to Caregiver human capital management enables you to save time and increase your effectiveness managing and maintaining a larger, ready-to-work, caregiver pool. Proactively avoid compliance problems and illegitimate unemployment claims with our smart reminders, auditing, and high quality eLearning modules. Use CareConnect to amplify the base capabilities you have today with your current agency management software.

Work Optimization

Seal off your leaky turnover bucket and unnecessary gross margin costs. Use CareConnect's deep machine learning to recommend who to staff on each case. Leverage this intelligence to better balance your caregiver pool with your service hour demands and increase client satisfaction. Enable your coordinators to be successful with a shortage of caregivers.

Loved in the field


With high star ratings and no training needed, Caregivers using the CareConnect Caregiver App have spoken. Caregivers easily self-register and onboard using our one tap magic link and identify validation process.


With data-driven, best-in-class, user experience workflows, Caregivers quickly and easily see their own personalized and actionable messages, compliance alerts, shift invites, and reminders. Build trust and loyalty by empowering your Caregivers to save time, manage their work preferences, and complete in-services at their fingertips.

The Stars Align

With thousands of downloads and high star ratings in Google Play and the Apple App Store, Caregivers are speaking...loudly.

Fast & Easy

With a self-service "one-tap" installation and onboarding process, Caregivers get setup, logged in, and actively using the app in less than 60 seconds...no training required.


No problem. The app uses the mobile device's operating system to automatically adjust to Spanish...no configuration required.

Go Native

CareConnect is a HIPAA secure, free, native app available on both the Google Play and Apple App stores...pick your device preference.


Caregivers receive communications, reminders, and invitations to match and meet their needs...minimize the noise; focus on the signal.


The intuitive user experience automatically guides each Caregiver to quickly respond to messages, request shifts, cure compliance problems, and update their preferences.


Switch phones or carriers? No problem. Each Caregiver's information travels with them seamlessly across devices.


CareConnect is always learning. Through advanced logging and machine learning, the app continues to get better every day.


In 15 minutes, quickly see how CareConnect's data-driven results and innovative, focused approach to Home Care HR and Human Capital Management delivers much more than a positive financial ROI. Learn why some of the most well-known and respected industry thought leaders are embracing CareConnect to accelerate and differentiate their agencies.

Subscription Options

Flexibility to meet your needs

Human Capital + eLearning
  • Caregiver Onboarding
  • Caregiver HR Management
  • Automated Eligibility Verification
  • Automated Medical Verification
  • Caregiver App with HR Self-Service
  • Caregiver App with eLearning Modules
  • HIPAA Secure 1-1 Caregiver Messaging
  • HIPAA Secure Broadcast Messaging
Human Capital Work Optimization
  • Intelligent Work Recommendations
  • Automated Availability Checking
  • Cost Minimizer (OT, travel, time, etc.)
  • Automated Work Refusal Tracking
  • Caregiver App for Work Management
  • Caregiver App for Directions & Reminders
  • HIPAA Secure 1-1 Caregiver Messaging
  • HIPAA Secure Broadcast Messaging
Human Capital eLearning + Work Optimization
  • Everything in
  • &
All subscriptions include phone and online support as well as EMR/Agency Management API Integration. Have a question? Please for more information.