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Caregiver Community

We strive to see you succeed as a Caregiver. CareConnect’s Caregiver community focuses on helping you get the support you deserve, in partnership with your agency. CareConnect helps Caregivers like yourself access more opportunities to work for your agency through our free and easy-to-use mobile app. 

CareConnect Caregiver Community Scheduling Shift Match AI Services
CareConnect Caregivers Scheduling Shift Match AI Services

ShiftBooking & ShiftMatch. AI

Receive Targeted Shifts That Fit Your Needs

We make it as easy as possible for you to find the best possible shifts. To do this, CareConnect’s powerful technology, called ShiftMatch.AI, factors in your commute, qualifications, language preferences, and many other preferences to provide you with the shifts that meet your needs. 

  • Download our free and easy-to-use mobile app. 
  • Get access to many more available shifts. 
  • Be more in control of your schedule – request shifts that are best for you. 

Compliance & E-Learning

Stay Compliant and Grow Your Skills

Many additional responsibilities come with being a Caregiver, like completing your annual in-service classes or keeping up with all required documents. We have built our caregiver app to help you along the way.

  • Receive your entire years’ worth of courses right on your phone. You can choose where and when to complete eLearning classes.  
  • Get your certificates right in the app, and your agency will get the same info, too. 
  • Never miss a shift again because of a conflict with a training course. 
CareConnect Caregivers Scheduling Shift Match AI Servies
CareConnect Caregivers Scheduling Shift Match AI Services

Caregiver Passport

(coming soon)

Be ready to work and stay working with the CareConnect Passport. We will help you keep all your documents, certificates, and medical records up to date, in partnership with best-of-breed occupational health and education providers. CareConnect’s Passport makes sure you stay compliant and never miss a shift.  

  • Receive notifications when something needs to get done to stay compliant  
  • Access all your information from a single app on your phone 
  • Connect with an Agency and start working in a snap

Get the Rewards Caregivers Deserve

To show our appreciation for all your hard work and dedication, we want every amazing Caregiver to have access to the CareConnect perks and benefits online portal. 

Access to over $4,500 in coupons and benefits

Enjoy and share these savings with your family

Get local discount notifications right to your phone  

Connect with an Agency

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