Training is an important part of managing a home care agency. In order to provide safe, effective, and legally-compliant services to those in need, your caregivers must take training courses when they join your company. And as they continue to work with your home care agency, they must continue to take training courses on a periodic basis. 

But staying up-to-date with training isn’t easy. If you have issues with motivating caregivers to take necessary training courses, we’re here to help. Here are three top strategies for motivating your caregivers to complete or stay up to date on training. Read on, and see how CareConnect can help you simplify the process of training your caregivers.

Offer Caregivers Additional Incentives For Completing Training Within A Certain Time

If you’re requiring caregivers to take mandatory trainings, you have to pay them for the time they spend training. But if you’re having issues with caregivers not completing training on time, you may want to consider offering additional incentives for completing their training courses within a certain time period.

For example, if a caregiver completes a training within a week of being assigned to take it, you could offer them a gift card, a one-time bonus, or some other type of compensation. Training is not always fun, but a little bit of an extra incentive may help your caregivers prioritize training, especially if they have to make extra time in their schedules to take training courses outside of work hours.

Make It Clear What Happens If Employees Don’t Complete Mandatory Training 

Incentives are great, but they’re just one part of the puzzle. Along with offering rewards for caregivers who get their training done early, it’s important to have clear penalties outlined for caregivers who are late in completing their training – or don’t complete it at all.

For example, maybe a caregiver will not be able to pick up any shifts if they do not complete their training within a certain period of time. More severe penalties could apply, too, like cancellation of existing shifts or even ending your company’s relationship with the caregiver. It’s best to document these policies clearly in your agency’s employee handbook, and make them clear to caregivers throughout the hiring and onboarding process. 

Offer A Virtual Training Platform That’s Self-Paced And Easy To Use

Caregivers may feel less motivated to complete their training if they have to attend inconvenient in-person training sessions – or use clunky, outdated online training tools. 

That’s where CareConnect comes in. With a tool like CareConnect, it’s easy for caregivers to complete their mandatory training anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. Our virtual training platform is engaging, easy to use, and offers both live and self-paced training for caregivers, which makes it easy for caregivers to get their training done and get back to the job. Did you know that CareConnect offers three different methods for learning? We offer Synchronous, asynchronous, and instructor lead training options to best serve your caregivers. Your agency gets the power to choose which courses to set up in one of the 3 ways mentioned above!

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At CareConnect, our online eLearning platform makes it easier to keep your caregivers trained. If you’re having trouble motivating caregivers to complete or stay up to date with mandatory training, we’re here to help. If you’d like to learn more, you can schedule a product demo with our team today, and learn more about our training and employee management solutions for home care agencies.