Hiring timely, reliable, and expert caregivers is essential for building a successful home care  agency. If you have the best caregivers that usually means you’ll offer the best service. It’s as simple as that. Great caregivers help you expand, attract and retain clients, and reduce employee or client turnover. That all adds up to a better home care agency. But how can you attract better caregivers to your company? In this blog from CareConnect, we’ll take a look at four simple strategies your agency should follow. Let’s get into it!

Offer Competitive Wages To Caregivers

At the very least, you need to offer wages to caregivers that match the pay offered by  competitors. It’s difficult  to attract the best talent if you’re not paying competitive wages. 

This doesn’t mean you need to drastically raise wages. But a better compensation structure and superior benefits mean you’ll be more likely to draw high-quality caregivers away from competitors. Money talks, and talented caregivers will listen.

Make It Easy To Onboard At Your Business

Highly-skilled, in-demand caregivers won’t enjoy  a complicated onboarding process. If you’re looking to attract top caregivers, it’s best to make the process simple and smooth. You want to make it as easy as possible for caregivers to work with your agency. With CareConnect, you get advanced HR compliance tools that make it easy to attract talented caregivers, onboard them, and get them working more quickly.

Consider Implementing A Referral System With Strong Incentives

Chances are that your best employees know other caregivers who are passionate, dedicated, and looking for work. If you implement a referral system with incentives for current employees, they’ll be able to refer friends. Talented caregivers are more likely to come to your business if they’re referred by someone they trust, like a former colleague or coworker.

Provide Caregivers With Opportunities For Advancement

Not all caregivers want to be caregivers forever. Some caregivers are looking for something more – to become a scheduler, a trainer, a manager, or a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), for example.

This will look different for every company. But creating a path for advancement and allowing driven, motivated employees to get promotions or new credentials is a fantastic way to attract – and retain – top talent. You may even want to consider things like tuition reimbursement programs or other perks that will help your caregivers reach their goals.

Recruit Better Caregivers With CareConnect – And Watch Your Business Thrive

We hope these tips have been helpful, and have given you some insight into the steps you can take to attract better caregivers and build your home care agency. With CareConnect, HR compliance and onboarding  is easy – which means there’s one less roadblock to overcome when you’re looking to attract the best talent. Request a demo today, and see how CareConnect can benefit you and your agency.