Millennials are currently the largest portion of the working population. And in the coming years and decades, millions more “Gen Z” workers will also be seeking employment and joining the workforce, with 27% of the workforce being Gen Z by 2025.

If you’re looking to expand your home care agency and hire more younger workers, what strategies can you use to attract them? In this blog from CareConnect, we’ll go over a few key approaches that we recommend for hiring Millennial and Gen Z workers at your agency.

1. Communicate Openly And Transparently During The Hiring Process

Millennials and Gen Z both value open communication. This is particularly true during hiring.  75% of interviewees said they’ve been “ghosted” by a recruiter. That means that, after an interview with a recruiter, they did not get the job, or potentially any further communications from the recruiter. According to this same study, 58% of candidates expect to hear back within a week of submitting an application.

If you want to attract more young workers to your home care agency, transparent and open communication during the hiring process is absolutely critical. Make sure that recruiters and HR are communicating properly – failure to do so means that younger workers are less likely to join your agency.

2. Use High-Tech Solutions for Scheduling and Communication

Millennials – and particularly Gen Z – were raised with the internet, smartphones, and technology. They’re digital natives. That means that they expect to benefit from easy-to-use, technologically-advanced apps both in their personal lives and in work. 

Because of this, it’s a good idea to make sure that your agency is using the latest digital tools to simplify shift scheduling, HR, and more. For example, adopting a digital scheduling tool like CareConnect’s Shiftbooking makes it easier for younger workers to manage their shifts and availability.

3. Offer Competitive Benefits & Wages

U.S. job openings are at an all-time high. There are lots of other jobs out there for young workers. If you want to attract them to your home care agency, you need to make sure your benefits and wages are competitive. 

You don’t just need to compete with other home care agencies in the area, either – but also with other companies in spaces like retail and food service, where there are tons of job openings for young workers. 

If you’re not offering competitive compensation, younger home care workers may leave your agency or may leave the industry entirely and seek different employment opportunities. 

4. Reach And Recruit Millennials And Gen Z On Non-Traditional Platforms

Indeed,, and other job boards are good places to get recruits. But you may also want to consider using non-traditional platforms to recruit younger workers. For example, you could advertise your job openings on YouTube if you want to reach Millennials. 54% of Millennials log into YouTube once daily.

Looking to attract Gen Z workers? Try placing ads or creating content on TikTok. About 60% of its 2 billion downloads are estimated to be from Gen Z, making TikTok the platform with the biggest reach among Gen Z by a wide margin.

Hire More Millennial And Gen Z Workers With These Tips 

We hope these tips have helped you strategize about new ways to reach younger workers for your home care agency. If you’re interested in learning more about CareConnect and how our software and app can help you manage current caregivers and attract new, younger workers, we’re here to help. Schedule a chat with our team today to learn more.