In today’s tech-focused world, data may seem like just another buzzword. But in home healthcare, gathering the right data can be very powerful. Data can help bring in more workers and clients, enhance your partnerships with insurers and state agencies, and even influence policymakers on a local, state, or federal level. Let’s get into the details, and explain how collecting data can benefit your home care agency.

1. Prove Your Value To Workers And Clients

One of the most important things that data can do is prove your value – both to your workers, and to your clients. You can collect data related to customer satisfaction rates, hospital admission preventions, and other metrics that show the impact that your home care agency is having on clients. For obvious reasons, this helps attract new clients. Families always want effective care for their loved ones, and want to keep them healthy and out of the hospital. 

But gathering data about the effectiveness of your agency also helps attract workers – and highly-skilled workers, at that. Caregivers who want to work in the best environment and truly make a difference in other people’s lives will be more attracted to your home care agency.

2. Show Your Worth To Insurance Companies And State Agencies 

Home care agencies don’t just have to prove their value to individual workers and clients. They also have to prove their value and validate their benefits in the eyes of insurers and local/state agencies that are involved with the administration and delivery of home care.

If you’re providing great service and excellent home care and you have the benefits to back that up, it’s easier to prove your value and win more business from insurers and government agencies. In turn, this can help your business grow.

3. Provide Policymakers With Proof Of The Value Of Home Care

The final way that data can be used in home care is to show the overall value of home care – in partnership with other home care agencies who are also collecting metrics like customer satisfaction, preventing hospital admissions, and other data about client quality of life. 

Together, home care agencies can participate in an industry-wide push to collect, collate, and present data in a consistent way – and use this information to show the effectiveness and necessity of home care. 

If the industry as a whole can collaborate in this way, it makes it much easier to present policy makers and politicians with empirical, trustworthy, and consistent data sets that prove how valuable home care is. And further down the line, this can lead to benefits not just for your business – but for the home care industry as a whole. 

One example would be the Choose Home Legislation that was recently introduced in Congress in 2021. While it hasn’t yet been passed, this legislation could bring big benefits for home care agencies – and if stakeholders and home care agency operators can prove their value empirically, this legislation and similar bills are more likely to pass in the future.

CareConnect – Your Partners In Home Care Workforce Optimization

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