If your home care agency is still taking a scattershot approach to training caregivers, CareConnect is here to show you a better way. With an integrated training program, you can simplify the process of training, boost employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and build a better business. Read on, and see the top five reasons that your home care agency should implement an integrated training program.

Keep Caregivers Compliant With Regulatory Policies

For obvious reasons, home care agencies need their caregivers to comply with federal, state, and local policies. Not only is this legally necessary to operate your agency, but it also helps ensure that your caregivers are trained on how to provide safe, effective care.

With an integrated training program such as CareConnect, your caregivers can get all the training they need to comply with all necessary regulations – and our administrative tools make it easy to track compliance and training completion, and make sure employees get their training done on time.

Employees Appreciate Investments In Training

68% of employees consider training and development opportunities to be “an organization’s most important policy.” In other words, your caregivers appreciate it when your agency makes investments into easy-to-use training integrations such as CareConnect. It makes their lives a little bit easier, which is always a good thing, especially given the busy schedule that many caregivers maintain.

Caregivers Can View And Complete Training Programs All In One Place

Even if they’re trying their best, caregivers may have trouble completing training properly and on time if their mandatory training courses are not centralized into an integrated training program. For example, if they have to take an in-person test or course, watch some online videos, and also use an eLearning software, it’s much harder for them to track their training completion.

But with CareConnect, it’s easy for caregivers to see their required training sessions/curricula all in one place and get them done. Everything is integrated in one place, which simplifies the training process dramatically.

Virtual eLearning Makes Training Engaging And Accessible

In-person training sessions and traditional textbook or paper-based training is not always engaging, and it can sometimes be inconvenient, too. According to one study, companies can achieve at least 18% more engagement by adopting eLearning technology.

With an integrated training program that incorporates eLearning and virtual sessions, it’s easy to engage with caregivers and motivate them to get their mandatory training done on time.

Self-Paced Programs Help Caregivers Get Training Done On Their Terms

Caregivers are busy. When they’re not taking care of patients, they may be running errands, taking care of their own kids or families, and more. eLearning makes it easier for workers to get training done on their own terms – and according to one study, eLearning takes 40% to 60% less time to complete, compared to in-person training.

With an integrated training program from CareConnect, employees can view due dates, complete coursework, and train on their schedule – right from their smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier to fit training into their busy schedules.

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Among many other features, CareConnect offers a digital integrated training program that simplifies employee training. So don’t wait. See how you can improve employee satisfaction, boost training completion rates, and reduce administrative headaches with CareConnect. To learn more about our integrated training program and the other benefits of using CareConnect, you can request a demo from our team.