The end of another year is coming quickly, and so are the winter holidays. If you operate a home care agency, this is a time that can make or break your caregiver retention efforts. If you’re looking to finish up this year and enter the New Year at your best, CareConnect is here to help. Here are some ways that you and your team can engage with caregivers, maximize end-of-year retention, and set yourself up for success in 2023 and beyond!

Have a Plan to Manage Holiday Scheduling

Just about all of your caregivers will want at least some time off during the winter holidays. So if you’re looking to accommodate your workers as much as possible, you should begin your holiday scheduling plan far in advance. With a scheduling tool like CareConnect, it’s easy for caregivers and home care agencies to manage scheduling and time off.

Of course, some compromises will have to be made. The need for caregivers doesn’t stop for the holidays. Some of your workers will have to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and other holidays.

Consider an alternating schedule, where a worker who works on Thanksgiving can take Christmas off, for example. This ensures they’ll have some time to spend with family and celebrate.

Offer Holiday Pay to Caregivers Who Must Work on Holidays

The holidays are hard on caregivers who may want to spend time with their families, but have to work. So when a caregiver has to work on a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving, consider offering holiday pay, like time-and-a-half or some other kind of bonus.

This is not required by most states, but it’s still a good way to keep workers satisfied. Make sure to be inclusive. Don’t just think about Christmas, Thanksgiving, and The New Year, but other holidays like Hanukkah, too.

Give Them a Small Gift with a Personalized Note about Their Year

Even a small gift like a $10 Starbucks gift card can make an employee feel more valued. And if you write a personal note about the worker and their performance throughout the year, this will make them feel special, and more valued by your home care agency. Caregivers are more than just employees. They’re valued parts of your team, and gifts like this can help them feel like they’re truly part of something bigger than themselves.

Consider Throwing a Holiday Party for Your Team

Everybody likes a party! So consider throwing a holiday party for your caregivers and your team. This is a great opportunity to recognize your workers and their contributions to the success of your business. And with free food, drinks, and activities like Secret Santa or holiday gift exchanges, you can improve employee satisfaction and promote team-building among your employees.

Think About Opportunities for Employee Growth

The New Year is often a time when people are making New Year’s Resolutions, thinking about their future goals, and considering ways that they can reinvent themselves in the New Year. 

Offering loyal workers ways to grow their skills, their paycheck, and their role in your business is a great way to harness this ambition, and continue to build a strong team at your home care agency. So think about how you can implement training programs, new roles, and other things that can help your employees grow with your business.

CareConnect Can Help Prevent New Year Turnover 

At CareConnect, we offer an all-inclusive software suite with powerful shift booking features, training and eLearning support, and much more. With our software, you can manage employees more effectively, improve retention, and prepare for success in the New Year. Get in touch now to schedule a chat and learn more about what CareConnect has to offer.