how to prevent home care scheduler burnout

How to Prevent Home Care Scheduler Burnout with These Easy Steps

How to Prevent Home Care Scheduler Burnout with These Easy Steps

Schedulers are critical and are at the heart of home care agencies. Home Care scheduler burnout is a huge issue, especially as Baby Boomers and other Americans continue to age at home. With all the attention understandably on the massive caregiver shortage, it’s easy for agencies to overlook how inefficiencies may take a toll on schedulers and hold back success. Losing schedulers can lead to high replacement costs, problems filling shifts, and many other problems for your agency. If you want to keep your schedulers and ensure your business continues to grow, CareConnect is here to help.

Lack of proper onboarding and/or did not feel involved in the process.

They are forced to rely on guesswork while matching caregivers.

Time and resources to build strong relationships with caregivers are limited.

They feel overwhelmed and are not receiving consistent training.

Here are top tips on how to help your schedulers manage their jobs more effectively and prevent burnout:

Nothing frustrates a scheduler more than constantly matching clients to new caregivers. To help prevent home care scheduler burnout, agencies must empower schedulers with the tools they need to match caregivers to the right clients based on their preferences, location and the shifts they prefer to work. Eliminate the guesswork and save time with Shift Booking and CareConnect’s ShiftMatch.AI, an invaluable tool that can help streamline this process. You can track caregiver and client preferences and match them with less hassle and busy work.

Schedulers don’t have an easy job, so investing in proper training is valuable and necessary. A properly trained scheduler is less likely to burn out and will have all the knowledge and tools they need to do their jobs properly. An efficiently trained scheduler is essential for your business. But beyond training alone, it’s also important to provide the right tools to support schedulers. And that leads us to our next tip:

CareConnect is a fully featured workforce optimization platform built specifically for home care agencies’ needs. It has all the tools and features that your schedulers need to accomplish their role with less frustration – which, in turn, minimizes the risk of burnout. With CareConnect, you and your team can attract talent faster, onboard new caregivers more quickly, and fill shifts more efficiently. CareConnect’s suite of solutions improves your agency’s overall operation and reduces the risk of burnout among your schedulers, leading to higher retention rates and business growth.

When schedulers have genuine relationships with their caregivers and are aware of their backgrounds and capabilities, scheduling becomes much more effective. Encourage schedulers to allot time within their workday to prioritize face-to-face (video call) interaction. Positive caregiver-scheduler relationships help ease the scheduling process and lower the risk of scheduler burnout.

Most caregivers enjoy working with multiple agencies. With CareConnect’s powerful tools, such as Shift booking, it’s easier for schedulers to see when caregivers are working with other agencies and book their shifts accordingly. Not only does this make the job of a scheduler easier, but it helps with long-term agency retention. Caregivers are more likely to stick with your home care agency if you allow them to work on their terms and preferred schedule.

Keep Your Home Care Schedulers from Burning Out with CareConnect!

With CareConnect, your schedulers can spend more time scheduling shifts and ensuring your agency runs smoothly – and less time dealing with missed visits, paperwork, and scheduling conflicts. Don’t wait – meet with CareConnect today.

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