November 1, 2021

As someone who tends to the needs of a person with short or long-term life limitations, there is no doubt how significant of a role caregivers play in the lives of others. Caregivers deserve to be honored and appreciated for the important work that they do. November is Home Care & Hospice Month and the perfect time to thank and celebrate your caregivers for the huge impact they make in the home care field.

Is your agency looking for ways to show appreciation for your caregivers? Here are some ways to show love and appreciation for them:

Celebrate your caregivers

One great way to show your appreciation for your agency’s caregivers is to celebrate them! You can do this by throwing an agency-wide party, offering donuts and bagels in the morning, or sharing a meal by throwing a pizza party or even an elaborate dinner party.

We recognize this may be difficult amid the pandemic and caregivers being located in different locations, which is why technology comes in handy! You can host your party virtually complete with online board games, raffles, and a meal stipend. Distance doesn’t have to keep your agency from celebrating your caregivers!

Pass out “thank you” gifts

Who doesn’t love a good gift as a token of appreciation? Your agency’s caregivers are sure to feel loved when they receive a small gift to say thank you. Gift ideas include movie tickets, a DoorDash gift card, personalized “thank you” candles, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or even a ticket to a local sporting event!

The best part is all of these gifts can be sent virtually in the case that your caregiver is not available to receive the gift in person.

Spread awareness

Another way to show appreciation for your caregivers is to spread awareness about Home Care & Hospice Month. You can do this by sharing content on social media, hosting a social media live Q&A, or even posting about it on your agency’s blog or newsletter.

One of the benefits of spreading awareness about Home Care & Hospice Month is the sharing of knowledge to those who may have never heard of this month-long appreciation for home care and hospice workers. Knowledge is power and spreading awareness increases that knowledge and power.

Want more resources?

If you’re looking for more resources and information on Home Care and Hospice Month, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice has tons of resources for you!

Here are a few tools and resources you can find on their website:

We hope you’ll jump at the opportunity to celebrate the people who play such a significant role in the lives of others. To all home care and hospice workers, we thank you for the significant work you do! You truly are worth every bit of appreciation you receive this month!

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