September 29, 2021

Is your home care agency still processing caregiver applications manually with multiple spreadsheets? Are you struggling to determine how to make your application process more streamlined and efficient? We hear you.

The home care industry is collectively facing recruitment challenges and needs the tools to hire and acquire more efficiently.

Recruitment and Staffing Struggles

There are many recruitment and staffing struggles that homecare agencies are facing, including:

Lack of technology

Home care agencies are finding it difficult to hire sufficient staff due to a lack of the technology needed to hire and onboard staff more quickly and efficiently. Some agencies are still processing caregiver applications with spreadsheets and paperwork.

Staffing shortages

Due to the impact of COVID-19, home care agencies are having difficulty recruiting staff. Many staff left their agencies because of fear of exposure to the coronavirus and or due to the mandates requiring they be vaccinated against their will. The home care agency also saw a drop in older employees who were at higher risk of the virus.


Many home care employees have not been comfortable taking public transportation due to the potential spread of the virus. Furthermore, clients have been more concerned about home care workers who do take public transportation, possibly spreading the virus in their homes. Therefore, it has been difficult for home care agencies to retain staffing.

Though recruitment is challenging and staffing shortages are present and unfortunate, there are tools and technology available to help alleviate these issues.

Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is a powerful tool that home care agencies can take advantage of. Applicant Tracking Software enables agencies to organize, gather information, and filter applicants. This software helps agencies sort candidates for hiring and acquiring more efficiently.

An ATS is great for receiving, storing hiring candidate information, as well as tracking communications with applicants. Home care agencies who utilize application tracking software see costs, employee quality, and time improve because the automating systems can post jobs and organize applications, making the hiring process much more efficient.

The Best Tool to Hire Caregivers More Efficiently

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Applicant Tracking helps your agency hire the caregivers you need with the tools that make it easy to attract quality talent and begin the hiring process sooner. With our fully integrated CareConnect platform, you can quickly connect our HR management solution to all other aspects of your workforce management.

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