Workflow Optimization Software in Home Care

Demand for Caregivers is high and will only increase as the U.S. population grows older, with a forecast of 22% growth from 2022 to 2032, according to the Bureau of Labor Services. As a Caregiver, this means you’ll have plenty of options when choosing an employer in the coming years. When comparing home care agencies, we recommend choosing one that uses workflow optimization software, such as CareConnect. Why? Here are five reasons.   

Shift booking software like CareConnect helps simplify shift management, allowing you to work when it’s most convenient. You can input your availability, get matched to shifts that are right for you, and pick up more shifts that best fit your schedule. If something comes up, it’s easy to reschedule shifts. Or, if you have time in your schedule for more work, you can pick up extra work directly from the CareConnect app. Shift management has never been simpler!   

Every Caregiver has different preferences. How far are you willing to travel for work? Do you work with smokers or pets? Do you have specific skills or certifications that may help you match up better with a particular client? CareConnect’s powerful ShiftMatch.AI technology factors in your preferences and qualifications to provide you with shifts that meet your needs. More control of your work schedule = better work experience and overall job satisfaction!   

Workflow optimization software, like CareConnect, offers a virtual eLearning platform, which means you can train and onboard anywhere on a smartphone or tablet. Whether mandatory, legally required training, or optional courses to help build your skills, it’s easy to start at a new agency and build the skills you’ll need to succeed.   

Along with job training, workflow optimization software lets Caregivers spend less time trying to comply with home care agency requirements and more time working and earning pay. Take care of other compliance essentials, like uploading licenses, proof of vaccination, and more directly into the app, and skip faxes, scans, and other complex steps agencies often require for compliance.  

Earn well-deserved rewards and benefits for all your hard work and dedication as a Caregiver. We want every amazing Caregiver to have access to the CareConnect perks and benefits online portal and receive local discount notifications right on their phones. Caregivers can access over $4,500 in coupons and benefits and enjoy and share these savings with their families.  

Choose the Right Home Care Agency and Experience the Benefits of Technology   

At CareConnect, we’re proud to help simplify caregiving for employers and Caregivers alike. We strive to see you succeed as a Caregiver. CareConnect’s Caregiver community focuses on helping you get the support you deserve in partnership with your agency.  

Do you currently work for a home care agency that could benefit from our workplace optimization software? Talk to us—we’re always happy to schedule a chat with potential clients.