With caregiver shortages being something every agency is all-too-familiar with, it’s essential to have a great training program in place for your caregivers to learn everything they need to be successful. 

According to Home Health Care News, a national shortage of 151,000 caregivers will exist by 2030. There will be a 355,000-caregiver shortfall by 2040, according to the report. Therefore, when your agency puts in the effort to ensure high quality training is provided, it shows your caregivers you care about their success – when they feel valued there is a lower risk of them leaving.

Tip #1:

Cover the basics first. What might seem intuitive to you, might not be for your caregivers. As we know there are four different learning styles, visual, auditory, reading and writing and kinesthetic. Each type deserves resources to achieve success, whether they’re seasoned or new to the industry. Including a variety of learning options for your caregivers ensures that they’re able to take in the information in a method that is easiest for them, leading to increased success both for the caregiver and your agency.

Tip #2:

Make it easy. As we’ve confirmed, people learn differently so give them tools to help make their training easier. Accessing training via an app can provide flexibility, allowing your caregivers to take their training anytime, anywhere, on any device. Providing training via asynchronous, synchronous, virtually led, printed with infographics, etc. all help to offer variation and lead to stronger agency success. An option for training could be an in-person class that’s also live streamed and recorded for caregivers to choose where they want to take in the information along with being able to watch a replay if the training didn’t fit their schedule.

Tip #3:

Ensure your training program and content feeds into the company culture you want to create. What you put out, whether internally or externally, reflects your agency and what you stand for. If you want to be known for being inclusive and helpful, creating content focusing on those two initiatives is key. Those training videos and blog posts should especially reflect what you stand for, since they are typically the first thing someone sees when they come in contact with your agency.

If you’re looking for an eLearning platform to help your caregivers succeed, then our eLearning solution is something you’ll want to know more about! eLearning by CareConnect is a flexible solution that allows your caregivers to train from anywhere, on any device, through the CareConnect app. A few other benefits include:1. Increasing caregiver in-service compliance
2. Reducing or eliminating costs associated with on-site training events
3. Keeping caregivers informed of their training progress automatically
4. Maximizing your ready to work caregiver pool

About CareConnect

CareConnect is a disruptive technology company that enables home care providers to reduce the cost of managing, scheduling, and retaining qualified caregivers. CareConnect’s suite of capabilities includes advanced workload optimization, eLearning, and secure communications for caregivers. At a time when agency owners need help maximizing caregiver schedules to fill shifts faster, CareConnect is rapidly transforming the way home care providers onboard caregivers to get them to work quickly, allowing them to build lasting, trusting relationships with their clients and ultimately, better outcomes. For more information click here.