Caregiver Scheduling Services

In home care, efficient Caregiver scheduling is crucial in ensuring clients’ well-being and agency satisfaction among Caregivers. CareConnect’s innovative Caregiver Scheduling Services revolutionizes how home care agencies manage their business. With the expertise of a dedicated team and the power of AI technology, CareConnect brings efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and satisfaction to the forefront of home care. With CareConnect’s Caregiver Scheduling Services, home care agencies can:

Drive Revenue – Our experienced coordinators employ best practices to achieve fewer unfilled shifts and better shift matches, resulting in increased revenue for agencies. 

Reduce Costs – Scheduling services help reduce cost penalties and overtime pay, contributing to a more cost-effective scheduling process. 

Improve Satisfaction – With the burden of scheduling lifted, scheduling coordinators can focus on strategic tasks, leading to higher satisfaction among Caregivers and clients. 

Seamlessly Scale – Agencies can successfully scale their team’s coordination staff in real-time. 


The core of CareConnect’s Caregiver Scheduling Services is the ShiftMatch.AI platform, a solution designed for home care agencies to enhance the Caregiver scheduling process. The experienced, multilingual team at CareConnect utilizes the ShiftMatch.AI feature to fill shifts more efficiently. ShiftMatch.AI can reduce overtime by up to 50% and allows scheduling coordinators to fill 30% more shifts without additional staffing. ShiftMatch.AI does not replace coordinator headcount – it supports them, while providing transformational value for agencies.  

CareConnect’s ShiftMatch.AI platform needs Caregivers and agencies interacting and collaborating to be most effective since it becomes more intelligent with Caregiver interactions. It facilitates increased shift fill rates, reduced overtime costs, and personalized Caregiver experiences, optimizing their opportunity to earn more income for themselves and their families. CareConnect’s Caregiver Scheduling Services empower agency coordinators to spend less time managing accepted cases (i.e., filling open shifts). This puts a focus on new case authorization and caregiver engagement. 

“Scheduling services allow you to scale coordination staff in real-time and take advantage of all the ShiftMatch.AI features, which group shorter and hard-to-fill shifts together, recommend overtime thresholds to reduce cost penalties, and just simply fill more shifts.” 

Matt McGinty, CEO at CareConnect

CareConnect’s culture values are foundational pillars upon which we build and run our business. CareConnect’s culture prioritizes helping agencies and caregivers embrace change while delivering tangible value. Our ShiftMatch.AI platform aims to fill more shifts, properly balance overtime, and increase caregiver engagement. These align with the demands of the challenging Medicare/Medicaid/Medicare Advantage landscape.  

“The CareConnect Scheduling Team is empathetic, proactive, pleasant, and has great customer service skills. We are so grateful for their help placing cases; they always go above and beyond. We believe they are a great asset to our company.” 

Tom Cocozza, Director of Operations, VNS Health

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