The Big Picture

In the dynamic world of home care, agencies continually seek innovative solutions to improve caregiver recruitment efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate the overall quality of care. Enter CareConnect’s Home Care Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), a transformative solution that steps in as a game-changer for agencies looking to thrive in today’s competitive market. Let’s explore the details of our Home Care RPO and debunk common misconceptions. 

CareConnect is NOT an Agency nor do we ever want to be. We are a platform you can rely on to run your agency more profitably and create a better experience for Caregivers. If we do, everybody wins – you, the agency, the caregiver, and our ShiftMatch.AI benefit from learning and optimizing interactions between an agency and its caregiver(s). With over 100 years of combined recruiting experience, our team excels at effective, efficient, and affordable recruitment at scale. In short, we aim to be a reliable partner, supporting agencies and caregivers in delivering better care at home. 

Goals & Values 

CareConnect’s culture values are foundational pillars upon which we build and run our business. CareConnect’s culture prioritizes helping agencies and caregivers embrace change while delivering tangible value. Our ShiftMatch.AI platform aims to fill more shifts, properly balance overtime, and increase caregiver engagement, aligning with the demands of the challenging Medicare/Medicaid/Medicare Advantage landscape. 

Ultimately, CareConnect focuses on two things:  

Increasing Referrals for Home Care Agencies:

  1. By boosting case/shift fill rates, agencies engage caregivers, reduce turnover, and attract more referrals. Not only does this maximize existing caregiver investments, but it serves as an agency revenue driver. 

Reducing Home Care Agencies’ Cost Penalties:

  1. CareConnect addresses the challenge of optimizing overtime by utilizing ShiftMatch.AI, our powerful AI technology. Our platform helps agencies stay within capped overtime percentages, thereby managing costs in a fixed reimbursement environment with narrow margins. 

Without requiring the implementation of CareConnect’s Home Care RPO or Scheduling Services, our ShiftMatch.AI platform allows agencies to:  

With a 1,000 Caregiver pool, this can mean $1.5-2.5M in unrealized revenue.

With a 1,000 Caregiver pool and 50% turnover, this can save up to $1.5M in costs.   

With a 1,000 Caregiver pool, this can mean hundreds of thousands in cost savings.  

Now, imagine you feed SHIFTMatch.AI more caregivers through CareConnect’s Recruiting Services

A 10-20% increase in working caregivers via ShiftMatch.AI and our Home Care RPO can result in a 25-40% increase in all the above statistics without having to do it yourself. Since ShiftMatch.AI gets better with more shifts and more caregivers, the premise is simple, and the ROI is easy to see.

We recognize agencies’ efforts in balancing recruiting and scheduling while trying to build a successful agency. CareConnect offers expertise to overcome challenges profitably. As a result, everyone wins. Our ShiftMatch.AI platform gets smarter with more caregiver interactions. It facilitates increased shift fill rates, reduced overtime costs, and personalized caregiver experiences, optimizing their opportunity to earn more income for themselves and their families. 

CareConnect’s end goal is to increase referrals, decrease costs, and increase engagement. Our Home Care RPO emphasizes collaboration between caregivers and agencies when there is a high demand for work. With an internal recruiting team’s expertise, CareConnect simplifies the process by qualifying candidates, reviewing documents, and performing time-consuming recruitment duties for you. 

CareConnect’s Home Care RPO aligns with agency goals, offering a clear win-win scenario. If your agency’s objectives include increased referrals, decreased costs, and improved caregiver engagement, CareConnect is a valuable partner. By leveraging innovative technology, CareConnect’s Home Care RPO aims to meet and exceed the evolving needs of home care agencies and caregivers alike. 

Interested in transforming your agency’s success story? Meet with the CareConnect team today.