August 23, 2021

At CareConnect, we’ve designed tools and resources that streamline the onboarding process, enable agencies to determine if a caregiver is a good fit, and minimize paperwork. Not only that, but we’ve created CareConnect eLearning as a tool to virtually train caregivers and make training more efficient. CareConnect provides online training in three different ways: synchronous, asynchronous, or in office training with a virtual leader. All three ways are possible via our CareConnect app or web platform.

 Caregiver training is an essential part of a successful agency, so it’s important to make it a priority. Efficient caregiver training makes it even more valuable and effective.

 Here are 3 ways CareConnect makes caregiver training more efficient:

1. Virtual asynchronous learning

Asynchronous learning is letting your caregivers do the training on their own time. This type of learning can be in the form of online video training, PowerPoint slides, or reading assignments.

Here are a few reasons why asynchronous learning is effective:

2. Virtual synchronous training

Virtual synchronous learning is when caregivers attend a pre-scheduled training at the same time as the instructor and other caregivers.

Some benefits of virtual synchronous training include:

Virtual synchronous training is also efficient for office staff, especially because your agency won’t have to worry about planning and reserving a space for everyone to train.

3. In office training with a virtual leader

There may be certain topics that your agency prefers everyone to be together for the training. This means that your agency reserves space for all staff to take the class at the same time. However, you can still do this using our eLearning tool. We have virtual courses that have a virtual instructor for the course, but everyone can be sitting in the same room to complete the session.

There are many advantages to virtual courses, including convenience, flexibility, and self-discipline. As a benefit to your agency, CareConnect has virtual courses available directly on the mobile app or web platform! Just download the CareConnect app or visit the web platform and login into your account to get started.

For more information on how to complete a CareConnect eLearning course on your smartphone, watch this instructional video.

CareConnect’s eLearning resources

Onboarding your caregivers just got easier. If you’re looking for a flexible, efficient, easy, and economical way to train your caregivers, CareConnect eLearning is for you! Quality caregiver training is essential for a successful agency. Ensuring that the training is more efficient just makes it that much more valuable.

CareConnect is a modern digital workforce management platform that enables Home Healthcare agencies to accomplish more in less time. Our solutions make it easy to attract, acquire, onboard, place, train, and retain caregivers, anytime on any device. CareConnect bridges the gap between disjointed systems to efficiently streamline workflows and optimizes patient-caregiver consistency leading to better outcomes.