Getting your available caregivers into the best shift for them sometimes seems more like an art than a science. If you’re feeling that way, we’d like to review some key questions your home care agency needs to be asking internally to ensure your shift booking process is effective.

1. Are you ensuring communication with caregivers is optimized and timely? As we have all heard countless times, communication really is key, especially when you are operating with countless employees that don’t all work in one office. Long gone are the days of manually calling to book or confirm a shift – with busy work and personal schedules, people want timely push notifications or automated texts to confirm on the go.

2. Is your shift booking process helping your agency decrease overtime and other cost penalties? Various penalties can be hurtful to your bottom line, so having a system in place to help you manage, or even alert you when a caregiver is approaching overtime, can help save money overall.

3. Does your current process match and fill shifts with ease? If your current system requires several office employees to review the status of caregivers and manually check their availability, then you certainly have room to make your process run more smoothly. Setting up an automated system could not only fill shifts more quickly, but also free up your office staff to complete other timely business activities that ultimately help your bottom line.

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, then Shift booking by CareConnect is a product that your home care agency needs. Shift booking utilizes machine learning which allows your agency to maximize the caregiver pool, fill more shifts with fewer caregivers, and save on onboarding costs. Using this fully-integrated system, you are able to identify the most compatible, lowest cost caregivers for each patient/client case and securely communicate with your workforce.

CareConnect tracks behaviors behind the scenes with machine learning that helps identify with 97% accuracy when a caregiver will accept a shift and with a 67% accuracy when they won’t. Don’t disregard or negate the 67% as a small percentage. The more you understand about your caregivers, their preferences and what helps them succeed, the better patient outcomes will be and that is everyone’s goal.

Already working with an AMS? Not a problem – Shift booking by CareConnect helps to amplify your current AMS to unlock revenue potential due to workforce shortages!

About CareConnect

CareConnect is a disruptive technology company that enables home care providers to reduce the cost of managing, scheduling, and retaining qualified caregivers. CareConnect’s suite of capabilities includes advanced workload optimization, eLearning, and secure communications for caregivers. At a time when agency owners need help maximizing caregiver schedules to fill shifts faster, CareConnect is rapidly transforming the way home care providers onboard caregivers to get them to work quickly, allowing them to build lasting, trusting relationships with their clients and ultimately, better outcomes. For more information click here.