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February 4, 2021
CareConnect announces their newly formed Caregiver Engagement Department.

Tuesday January 19, 2021 -  New York, NY 

CareConnect is focused on transforming how healthcare agencies on-board, place, train, retain and engage with their most valuable asset, their caregivers. This new department will focus resources to proactively collaborate with caregivers and agencies to collaborate through our technology offerings, and support engagement programs that are appropriate for social distancing and more in-person events in the coming year. CareConnect provides the resources and tools to support a more direct communication with agencies and their workforces to learn what inspires caregivers, as well as how they feel best supported. As part of this ongoing commitment, CareConnect announced the official launch of their new Caregiver Engagement Department who will be led by Howard Nevins. Howard has been a leader within the CareConnect organization since inception and is a significant contributor to its overall operations and build out of the Customer Success team.  The initial Caregiver Engagement programs will focus on education and collaboration, as well as working with agencies and partners to help create and support initiatives in the Home Care community.

Both experience and engagement are important components to the success of an organization. Engagement is dependent on various factors including culture and leadership, which CareConnect is dedicated to supporting. This has been especially important as we all continue to live in a world with Covid-19. We must help each other build and maintain those valuable relationships.

"CareConnect is extremely excited to bring the voice of the caregiver into the center of our company. It is our commitment to our agencies, caregivers and partners to provide as many tools as possible to support everyone in the CareConnect ecosystem to strengthen relationships with their caregivers.”    stated Michael Gelman, President and COO


With a thoughtful approach to managing relationships with each agency, the CareConnect team will continue to develop strong and trusting partnerships with all levels and contacts in each client organization including management, in-office employees, and caregivers. 

Under the Executive Teams’ leadership and guidance, all CareConnect team members will continue to enhance and improve what is a top priority for all agency partners - their engagement and commitment to their caregivers.

About CareConnect

CareConnect is a mobile-first human capital management technology company based in New York, NY. It enables home care providers to reduce costs hiring, managing, scheduling, retaining, and engaging with qualified caregivers. CareConnect’s suite of capabilities includes advanced workload and HR compliance optimization, eLearning, and secure communications for field caregivers. As the first AI-driven platform focused on engaging and enabling home care workers, CareConnect is rapidly transforming the way home care providers and caregivers build lasting, trusted relationships. For more information regarding our new Caregiver Engagement Initiative email Howard.Nevins@careconnectmobile.com. For sales and marketing email Debbie.Francis@careconnectmobile.com. For general company information or to schedule a demo visit  www.careconnectmobile.com or email info@careconnectmobile.com.