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February 4, 2021
CareConnect is growing. The team is now 45 members strong!

Thursday January 21, 2021 -  New York, NY

CareConnect is extremely excited to announce that we are growing and adding several people to our staff, which includes the creation of a new Caregiver Engagement department!

With a thoughtful approach to managing relationships with each agency, the CareConnect team continues to develop strong and trusting partnerships with all levels and contacts in each client organization. With the newly implemented dedicated Caregiver Engagement department we can go deeper, learn more and help service caregivers on a new level.

Deborah (Debbie) Francis and Alana Toulopoulos join our Executive Leadership Team. Debbie as VP Sales and Marketing, Alana as VP Customer Success.

Shona Herbert and Abigail Bryant join our Sales and Marketing Team. Shona as Sales Director, West Coast, Abby as Marketing Sales Specialist, under the leadership of Debbie Francis.

Jennifer Arrington, Project Manager and Matt Grammel, Customer Success Manager join our Customer Success Team under the new leadership of Alana Toulopoulos.

Rex Ledesma, Caregiver and Training Education Manager, joins our Caregiver Engagement department under the new leadership of Howard Nevins, SVP Caregiver Engagement, who previously led the Customer Success team.


About CareConnect

CareConnect is a mobile-first human capital management technology company based in New York, NY. It enables home care providers to reduce costs hiring, managing, scheduling, retaining, and engaging with qualified caregivers. CareConnect’s suite of capabilities includes advanced workload and HR compliance optimization, eLearning, and secure communications for field caregivers. As the first AI-driven platform focused on engaging and enabling home care workers, CareConnect is rapidly transforming the way home care providers and caregivers build lasting, trusted relationships. For more information regarding our new Caregiver Engagement Initiative email Howard.Nevins@careconnectmobile.com. For sales and marketing email Debbie.Francis@careconnectmobile.com. For general company information or to schedule a demo visit  www.careconnectmobile.com or email info@careconnectmobile.com.