Book your ready-to-work caregivers in one click

Enable your team of caregivers. Run a better agency.

How it Works

Quickly fill every shift with the right caregiver.


Search and find the optimal caregivers for each case and shift using our New York focused home care algorithms.


Broadcast real-time, in-app invitations to the caregivers and securely chat to answer questions.


Receive real-time invitation acceptances and manually or automatically book the shift.

A Scheduler's Best Friend

One hand dialing the office phone, the other sending a text, and a active conversation with your administrator on how to avoid finding a caregiver that would end up with a split shift. Sound familiar? Scheduling is the heart and lifeblood of every home care agency. Quickly finding the right matches while continously managing changing preferences and avoiding costly regulations is critical for success. Slowly finding the wrong matches can put you out of business.

After spending the past few decades in home care, we have created CareConnect to help you work smarter, not harder. CareConnect seamlessly integrates with your scheduling system to help you cost-effectively find your best matching caregivers, quickly book shifts, and securely communicate with your team in the field.

A Timesaver for Caregivers

Shift Invitations

Receive real-time shift invitations. Apply to claim shifts that fit well.

Shift Management

View shift invites, shifts waiting for approval, and confirmed shifts.

Shift Directions

Quickly get mapping and directions to upcoming confirmed shifts.

Shift Reminders

Receive reminders about upcoming shifts.

Shift Preferences

Manage profile and work preferences to match with best fitting cases.

Secure Messaging

Securely communicate with in-office coordinators about upcoming and confirmed shifts.

Want to learn more?

Learn why CareConnect powers some of the top agencies in the country.

Advantage & Benefits

Built for the leading home care agencies, CareConnect's smart matching algorithms handle the complex and expensive scenarios you face on a daily basis. From public transit travel logistics and avoidable spread of hours expenses to seamless real-time integration with your scheduling software, CareConnect will help you run a faster, stronger business.

Focus on providing care to your clients. Attract the best caregivers and enable your entire team to shine. Let CareConnect do the heavy lifting for you.

About Us

CareConnect is founded on the principals of bringing deep experience and creative problem solving to the home care industry. We understand that the home care landscape is rapidly changing due to demographics, preferences, and regulations. Our solution aims to bring simplicity, productivity and most importantly, improved quality of life for home care schedulers, caregivers and clients.

We invest in finding the most skilled and talented team members who meet our high standards of technical excellence and experience and share in our mission of delivering a best-in-class, game changing solution to our clients. Join us in bringing forward-thinking, innovative solutions to the home care industry.