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Everything you need to manage your day at the click of a button.

  • Receive and respond to shift opportunities
  • Manage your own compliance items
  • eLearning
  • Early Acce$$ to earned funds


This app is amazing! It is super easy to use even if you're not great with technology. Great app and customer service!

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Always be ready to work!

All your medical and training compliance items visible to you through your CareConnect profile in the app.

App automatically tracks incomplete items and expiration dates, so you can stay eligible for work at all times.

Never miss a shift opportunity again

Receive available shift invitations from your CareConnect agencies and request them in seconds, wherever you are. More options in your control means more shifts, and more income for you!

Only get invited to your ideal shifts

Set up your preferences directly in the CareConnect app. You choose how far you are willing to travel, ability to work with smokers or pets in homes and more. You can also include specific skills that may improve your shift matching where specialized equipment or training is required.

eLearning and virtual classes directly in the app

Take agency and annual training courses on any device, any time, any where, including the sofa, train or even on the beach! Courses and virtual classes will compliment your assigned shifts so there are no scheduling conflicts and you can stay up-to-date with your annual training.

Book medical appointments with ease

Thanks to our partnership with MobileHealth, you can book agency assigned medical appointments directly in the app at times we guarantee won’t conflict with your currently assigned shifts or events.


CareConnect’s EARLY ACCE$$ means you get access to your earned income when you need it most.* No fees to you or your agency.

*Requires bank connection and validation

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