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July 6, 2021
Proof of Vaccination - How this tool can increase efficiency in your agency.

July 6, 2021

Vaccinations are a hot topic right now.

Caregivers work inside a patient’s home. This type of work may require additional protection, like vaccines, to keep the caregiver and the patient as safe as possible. Agencies are required to track vaccinations for every caregiver and / or staff member. CareConnect created a tool within our HR Compliance module that makes it easier for agencies to track vaccinations and for caregivers to easily submit their records for approval. Our Proof of Vaccination tool ensures that caregivers and agencies can manage their vaccinations in the most efficient way possible.

Efficient for Caregivers

A caregiver’s day can be packed full between travel, taking care of patients, and managing some type of daily personal commitments. We understand how busy their schedules can be, which is why we created the CareConnect app. Our goal is to bring efficiency to their fingertips and make daily tasks easily accessible and readily available within our app. Specifically, the Proof of Vaccination product allows caregivers to take a photo of their vaccination card, upload, and submit the vaccination card to their agency directly from their smartphone. Super easy.

The more efficient our caregivers can be with certain tasks, such as submitting their vaccinations for approval, allows them to provide more attention and better overall care to their patients.

Efficient for Agencies

Agencies can have anywhere between 1 to 5000+ caregivers. Regardless of size, the workload of your agency staff can be heavy at times. CareConnect was created to allow your staff to do their jobs more efficiently and to streamline the connection between office staff and caregivers that are out in the field. Our Proof of Vaccination tool allows your staff to view your vaccinated caregivers easily and is described here. The list view gives you up-to-date caregiver vaccination status and allows you to see which caregivers need attention when it comes to their vaccine approval. You can then click on individual caregivers to view their vaccination submissions. You can approve or reject the image as insufficient if it does not meet your company’s protocol.

Tracking the vaccination is an important part of helping companies stay ahead of workforce needs and helps to keep the workplace running smoothly. The Proof of Vaccination tracking solution can be implemented quickly and seamlessly for any company currently using the CareConnect HR Workforce platform and/or compliance solution. Fill out the form below to learn more about our Proof of Vaccination product.



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