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August 7, 2020
How to Virtually Hire, Onboard and Train Caregivers Remotely

August 7, 2020

Despite more than 44 million Americans having filed for unemployment since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and many companies effectively closing the shutters on growth plans of any kind, not all businesses are in downsizing mode. There are still companies hiring—especially those that provide essential services. 

The good news is, for employers who are fortunate enough to still be recruiting and hiring new staff, or whose business model has always included a virtual setup, there are many tools available to help onboard employees remotely. And since business owners may spend up to 40% of their time on tasks that don’t generate income, like hiring, it’s imperative to create efficiencies where available. From finding the right talent, to training them, to scheduling and managing internal communications, here are some of the ways companies are growing from afar. 


Finding the Talent

Services like Doodle help recruiters and hiring managers find the best candidates, schedule one-on-one interviews, manage group meetings and reduce time-to-hire overall — and are available in a tiered subscription model. It offers integration with other companion services like Zoom and is a favorite of everyone from non-profit organizations to healthcare to colleges and universities.

Beyond Recruitment

Here at CareConnect, we’ve created tools that not only streamline the onboarding process, like our applicant tracking module (which is currently in beta, but coming soon), that enables agencies to help determine if someone is a viable fit and then minimizes paperwork to push those applicants into a “Hire” vs. “Not hire” state. We also take it a step further by including training and scheduling. But recognizing that getting employees in the door is only half of the story, so we’ve designed a system that includes CareConnect eLearning (to virtually train caregivers), CareConnect Compliance (to determine if a caregiver is deemed suitable/ready to take on work), as well as CareConnect Shift Booking, which then matches them with the right cases based on things like skillset, location proximity, availability, etc. There’s even a way for schedulers to better communicate with several caregivers at once, through a secure in-app chat tool, eliminating the need to call them individually.

And if streamlining onboarding, training and communication weren’t enough of a reason for agencies to realize the benefits of using CareConnect, their schedulers — whose jobs are to provide clients with the best possible fit for their in-home needs — now have a wider field of vision for compliant candidates to help fill their bookings. Being able to meet those appointment needs while working with a reduced workforce (as many agencies have been doing right now) is huge on its own, but add to that the ability to schedule remotely through the app and it’s really moving the needle for these agencies in terms of efficiency and quality of care. e-learning

Other Useful Tools 

No matter what line of work you’re in, there are some general tools that just prove invaluable for remote business, like video conferencing, internal messaging platforms and even document retrieval. Google Meet and Zoom have seen a drastic uptick in usage — no surprise as 80% of business professionals report relying on video for one-on-one meetings, and both allow for screen sharing and secure conferencing. Messaging platforms like Slack can make internal communication easier and even has a “call” feature as well, and tools like DocuSign have become commonplace in contracts and paperwork management. Even project management software like Basecamp and Trello are helping remote business remain productive, organized and collaborative. 

Since many companies have committed to remaining remote until the end of 2020 (or beyond), the need to find talent, acquire it, train your teams and communicate effectively is part of the country’s new normal. Luckily for business owners, there are new products emerging every day to aid in that pursuit and keep the hiring process (and the rest of us!) healthy. 

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